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YUI Examples

Why YUI?

Yahoo's YUI (Yahoo User Interface) is a suite of tools for making great user interfaces for web applications. The tools include a CSS toolkit, a suite of rich AJAX UI widgets, and a library of lower-level Javascript utilities.

We have embraced YUI in the PHOCOA framework because of its liberal license, the committment of Yahoo to the project, the amazing documentation (including the awesome YUI Theater), and strong community. In practice we've also found it to be very stable, have excellent cross-platform compatibility, and it moves quickly to fix bugs and add new features.


Below are many examples of using YUI with PHOCOA. Even if you don't use PHOCOA, or PHP for that matter, these examples are quite well documented and show how to properly use YUI from within any application. Since ultimately any use of YUI is implemented in Javascript, these examples should be instructive for everyone.



Basic Examples
  Skin Browser
  Regex Tester

AJAX Examples

  (YUI Examples)
  Tree View
  Tab View

Appcelerator Integration
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